1995 LANGOZ originally established in-house manufacturing in Dongguan,in the global economy,we start outsourcing for remaining competitive,and now we have cooperated with organizations more then 230 supplier partners,we are a manufacturing and trading company.specializing in Aluminum,Zinc and Magnesium alloys die casting,provides virtually any industry full services to local up to worldwide as 3C (computer, communication,consumer electronics)electronics,automobile,medical,aircraft,machinery and so on.these services include design conceptualization,tool design and building,die casting,machining,surface finishing,and assembly.

Message From The Chairman
Dear Friend,
I am pleased to be able to introduce you to LANGOZ,Though we began as a small,single facility operation over 20 years ago in Dongguan,China,we have grown to be a respected custom,professional,influential die casters,serving the needs of a wide variety of markets.
Today,outsourcing is a necessary means of remaining competitive in the global economy.Organization’s can significantly reduce costs by partnering with suppliers capable of generating products and services from locations that have lower labor,material,infrastructure and maintenance costs and by shortening time to volume.So we manufacturing and trading.
You will find the people of LANGOZ.focused on your needs.Our team members strive to continually exceed our customers’ product and service expectations.Using the latest die casting,machining,and manufacturing technology,they work to bring real value to our supply relationships.I invite you to talk to our customers.They are the lifeblood of our business,and we are committed to supplying them with the premium quality,competitive cost and safety die cast component parts and services.
Whatever your die casting needs,I hope this will convey a sense of our dedication and commitment, and that you will want to take a closer look at any of our operations–you are always welcome.
Liang Charles

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  • Add:Room 8306, Mawa Buiding, No 2, BeitaiRoad, Longgui Town, Baiyun District, Guangdong, China.

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