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The Future of Light Metal Die Casting Industry

 The Future of Light Metal Die Casting Industry

The present  situation:
The ptimization of energy consumption and related CO2 emissions, is the 21st century, the primary task of human society. In the past 20 years, the traditional engine process more for the new technology replaced by the future. However, the use of lightweight and high load-bearing materials such as aluminum and magnesium tends to increase dramatically. With the requirements of high efficiency and durability, the die-casting operators put forward a new, need to constantly explore the quality requirements. Requirements of complex components to have high functionality, low weight, cost reduction.
1、The high demand
Replacing heavier materials with lightweight metal components helps reduce weight, fuel consumption, and the corresponding CO2-emissions, batteries, and increased  driving element such as electric motors that increase weight, but these weights can be reduced by body weight quantitative structure of the balance out, aluminum structural parts continue to expand its scope of application.
2、The requirements of structural
he structural components of high requirements, body load-bearing structural components must withstand high dynamic load to meet the manufacturer's point of collision safety requirements and the connection process requirements. To this end, the development of a high level of stability of the production process, in order to ensure welding, riveting and bonding components and reliable mechanical properties.
The solution:
 1、The structural members connect many functional components together to reduce the complexity of the body structure. By integrating many components into one casting, the structural members become larger and more complex. In order to reduce its weight, the wall thickness before 2.5-3.0mm was reduced to less than 2.0mm. Casting equipment and a reasonable process for the safety of the production structure has a decisive significance.
 2、 Thinner wall thicknesses are based on shorter filling times; castings with a large length of liquid metal flow are associated with the size of the closure mechanism to be determined. In order to fulfill such a task, a high power and high kinetic die casting Equipment, such a wide range of equipment technology. The clamping mechanism can distribute the closing force evenly, so as to reduce the burr and the corresponding post-treatment cost, and ensure the stable process
 3、In order to obtain a high degree of vacuum to determine the quality of the casting, the need for precise design of die-casting molds and efficient mold vacuum technology. Here, the wear resistance of the pressure chamber and adiabatic also have a decisive role: to ensure that the pressure chamber and the piston between the vacuum system to seal and reduce the pressure chamber of liquid metal heat consumption.
 4、 Spraying the program with a minimum amount of release agent, especially casting and removal and cooling, casting deformation will have a decisive impact. Over the past few years with the development of advanced de-core technology - the so-called melting core technology, the possibility of light structure applications in the expansion. The internal molding of a casting can be complex and the geometry of the side recess can also be machined. So far not yet familiar with the design of parts and higher functionality integration possible.
5、 Die casting and die-casting equipment to improve the efficiency of resources have a decisive impact, only melting and insulation in the entire process of energy consumption accounted for 50-70%, melting alloy in a very short time in the mold condensation, casting stripping and cooling, to Consuming a lot of energy. The mold heat balance scheme plays a decisive role in the cooling time and the cycle time of the die casting process.
6、An important factor in the productivity of the press is the availability and effectiveness of the die-casting process, which is the number of castings produced per unit of time. In the calculation, the entire die-casting performance, the die-casting machine and external equipment, time factor, speed and quality are considered together . Therefore, all parts of the reliability and usability, for the production of the role of large die-casting, all the important process is an excellent continuous access to the key to efficient production.

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