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Cold Chamber Machines

Cold chamber machines are used for alloys such as aluminum and other alloys with high melting points. The molten metal is poured into a "cold chamber," or cylindrical sleeve, manually by a hand ladle or by an automatic ladle. A hydraulically operated plunger seals the cold chamber port and forces metal into the locked die at high pressures.

The main components of a cold-chamber die casting machine are shown below. Injection pressure of over 10,000psi or 70,000KPa can be obtained from this type of machine.

Operating sequence of the cold-chamber die casting process

The die is closed and the molten metal is ladled into the cold-chamber shot sleeve.

The plunger pushes the molten metal into the die cavity where it is held under pressure until it solidifies.

The die opens and the plunger advances, to ensure the casting remains in the ejector die. Cores, if any, retract.

Ejector pins push the casting out of the ejector half of the die and the plunger returns to its original position.

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