Quality Policy
LANGOZ emphasizes the manufacturing of premium quality die cast component parts.This is achieved by our continual improvements in manufacturing principals,teamwork and innovation.
“Quality is never an accident;it is always the result of high intention,sincere effort,intelligent direction and skillful execution;it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”-Liang Charles.
It is the quality policy of LANGOZ to provide our customers with premium quality,competitive cost and safety die cast component parts and services while meeting or exceeding their performance and reliability expectations.
Quality System Management
We control by standard ISO 9001,TS 16949,QS 9000 and also most of our parter at least have one of them.
• Implement processes to assureompany output meets customer needs.
• Make certain that the qualityystem is consistently implemented.
• Track the effectiveness of alaspects of the system.
• Require ongoing improvement othe organization’s ability to meet customer need.
It is essentially a set of rules that profoundly changes the way of LANGOZ operates in order to keep us in healthy and long-term business relationships.
Supplier Quality Management Systems
LANGOZ's supplier partner helps us stand out as an integrated organization that applies technology-leading process controls at every stage of production for every industry served.Each partner maintains a quality assurance department which is capable of effectively managing product compliance to specification.Process monitoring and quality audits occur at every stage of die casting to consistently maintain our strict density and porosity standards.please click the details for supplier quality control.
SIMTEC Simulation Technology
The SIMTEC metal flow simulation technology enables LANGOZ's engineers to determine the best process parameters for ensuring part quality.
SIMTEC is a Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis tool that can simulate metal flow, temperature, cooling, residual stress, and part distortion.to determine the best point to inject molten metal into a die,ensuring you receive finished parts with the best density and structural features possible.
Before production,our simulation experts use leading gate and runner design techniques to determine the best point to inject molten metal into a die,ensuring you receive finished parts with the best density and structural features possible.
Advanced Product Quality Planning
As an ISO,TS requirement,LANGOZ is well versed in Advanced Product Quality Planning,or APQP,activities. LANGOZ's team will review your part design to improve castability and/or eliminate further processing in order to reduce your total part pricing. Reducing machining stock on machined castings will minimize the likelihood of porosity.
Embracing a Lean Culture
A successful culture change is dependent upon 100% commitment from all levels of the organization,ranking from executive to management to individual team member.By committing to the “8 steps of the Systematic Problem Solving Proces”,either on paper or in thinking & behavior,the clture change will be successful and ultimately lead toimproved quality, lead-times,cost,consistency,and customer satisfaction.
Up-To-Date Equipment
To ensure that our customers receive the quality they expect and deserve.Surface finish, density,alloy composition and dimensional accuracy are closely monitored to maintain part’ specifications.
LANGOZ compare parts in productio to three-dimensional models stored in our database by coordinate measuring machines (CMM).CMM's gage variances between these parts and the models and incorporate in-production controls as needed.
In addition to CMM,spectrometers for metallurgical analysiFs of alloys,destructive testing,pressure and leak testing,gaging,real-time shot monitoring,and real-time x-ray.For additional details pertaining to LANGOZ's extensive utilization of real-time shot monitoring,please visit our manufacturing expertise page.
You can be confident that,regardless of standard or customized design specification,the RCM team will closely monitor for visual and structural accuracy during every production stage.
2 Browne & Sharpe Computer Controlled CMM Machine
1 Mitutoyo Model B-23 Coordinate Measuring Machine
1 Mistral Coordinate Measuring Machine
2 X-ray (Fluoroscopy) machines
1 Metal spectrometers,
1 Brinell hardness tester
1 Multiple custom leak testers (pressure decay)
1 Bore scopes 
1 14” Ø Optical Comparator
1 Machinist Microscope
1 Mitutoyo iital Height Gage
1 Sharp Digital Height Gage
1 Micro VU Optical Comparator 100x w/monitor

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