LANGOZ has always been a good neighbor,both environmentally and socially.we are involved in the community and generously donates to area and national causes and outreach programs.
Care And Give Back To The Community
LANGOZ has touched the lives of many philanthropic foundation.Its employees raise money annually for the philanthropic foundation which helps vulnerable groups,especially needy child education.LANGOZ management and employees truly believe in giving back to the community.
Our Pollution Prevention Effort Stems From Our Environmental Policy That Reads:
LANGOZ is dedicated to protect our environment and will strive to:
Meet and exceed relevant laws and regulations
Prevent pollution
Promote continual improvement
By setting and meeting objectives and targets,LANGOZ is committed to continual improvement of our environmental management system (EMS) for our associates and our community through ongoing education,EMS audits,utilizing new technology and communicating those requirements to our suppliers partner.
One of our first objectives was to reduce the smoke caused by cleaning with flux (cleaning agent) by filtering the furnace exhaust.The furnace exhaust filtration during fluxing prevents pollution from exiting our facility and the flux we purchase is the cleanest burning flux available. In past years, large clouds of flux smoke could be seen while now hardly any smoke can be seen coming out of the filtration stacks.
We also set objectives and targets to reduce the amount of waste-water produced. LANGOZ has installed a state-of-the-art waste-water treatment program to reduce and/or eliminate the discharge of heavy metals and oil to grease to our POTW. We track and control the amount of waste-water processed and have exceeded our objectives and targets for reduction.
There are several major benefits of LANGOZ' pollution prevention efforts:
We purchase less water for our equipment, thereby saving natural resources.
We release less treated waste-water into the sanitary sewer.
The community benefits because reductions in the amount of waste-water lessens the possibility of releases of heavy metals and oil/grease to our POTW.
LANGOZ is also focusing on reducing compressed air consumption which in turn will save natural resources that are consumed creating electricity.
Our environmental results are reviewed periodically to enable us to adjust objectives and targets. LANGOZ continues to examine any new aspects and associated impacts that need to be explored for action.

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