Technology Innovation creat the value.
Keep promises creat continuous cooperation.
Technology Innovation and keep promises creat our future.
To bring innovative,cost-saving,on-time deliveries,great service castings to industry while maintaining strict quality control for our current and future customers.stick to environmental protection and safety for continuous developing,care and return to the community.
With the innovation as our force,keep promises as our soul,continue to cultivate long-terms partnerships to build a powerful and integrated manufacturing network that make us to provide more competive and high-effective one-stop services to our customers.
Deliver absolute customer satisfaction.
Provide employees with a safety work environment.
Position our business to be continuously profitable.
Establish our footprint presence World Wide.
Embracing A Lean Culture
All LANGOZ die casting departments are currently making productive strides towards implementing a major “culture change” to its everyday business activities. This “culture change” is the result of the implementation of Lean Manufacturing.
True Lean is a comprehensive management system with a focus on systematic problem solving.All layers of the organization are responsible for identifying value in their process and eliminating waste. With a foundation of standardization and incremental continuous improvement,benefits can be achieved for customers,employees,and the organization as a whole.
A successful culture change is dependent upon 100% commitment from all levels of the organization,ranking from executive to management to individual team member.By committing to the “8 steps of the Systematic Problem Solving Process”,either on paper or in thinking & behavior, the culture change will be successful and ultimately lead to improved quality,lead-times,cost,consistency,and customer satisfaction.
Recent Successes
Through studying Lean Culture,each LANGOZ departments is developing strategies to transform and sustain.
Product flow and inventory process
Specific areas of the plant were targeted for improvement in product flow. For example,after 5S, specific machining equipment was identified for relocation to create additional product rack space in an effort to improve product flow and inventory process.
Die casting setup areas
Die Casting setup areas were targeted for improvement. New additions after 5s include visual reference guides for different sized components, improved storage racks and shelving for component storage, and new setup areas consisting of repurposed materials.
Workspace cleaning standards
Standards have been implemented for die casting workspace cleaning.
Plant walkway’s
New and improved walkways were created to improve plant safety while improving the layout of the plant. During these efforts, the decision was made to move the quality assurance inspection area away from the shipping coordinators doorway to make more room for product ready to ship. Team members contributed greatly to these efforts,and took great pride in the work being accomplished.
Plant lighting
Improved lighting has been added to the new quality assurance inspection area. In addition, an inspection monitoring system has been implemented to replace the current paperwork processes.
Production packaging storage
The production packaging storage area after 5s; identified space for customer product and packaging
Equipment stock
Stock is kept of the tools team members need to perform daily work,including paint,pens,markers,safety glasses, and other items.Team members scan their badge to get the tools they will need.

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